About Me

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In the Rocket Park, 1964

Worlds Fair, New York City

My photographs tell a story…

They help us remember the intricate details of our Cherished life events – long after we have forgotten them.

Since I was a child, sound, photography and movies have been important to me.  It seems I’ve always had a camera around my neck.


A while back I started going through boxes of old photos, negatives and slides trying to pull out the cherished ones to digitize.


It suddenly hit me; since I was always the one taking the pictures, it’s as if I didn’t exist for decades!

1964 Worlds Fair - Space Park 2.jpg
Jules Bergman at 1964 Worlds Fair - Spac
1964 Worlds Fair - Space Park 3.jpg

With Jules Bergman,

Science Editor, ABC TV

Let me make sure you’re included in photos of

your family and life’s events.